Lanzarote Farmhouse Holiday

For information call: +34 689 768 504



Spend your holiday in a beautiful Canarian farmhouse in the countryside, off the usual tourist track.

The Finca has been lovingly restored, while endeavouring not to seriously alter the original character of the farmhouse, which is more than 100 year old. Two charming apartments have been created as part of this renovation, each with their own private entrance and garden. The Finca used to be of special significance: on the stretch of land below the house the cattle were herded together in the evening, hence the name in the Spanish land register: "Majada de Becerro", which essentially means "the calf pen".

The property is supplied by its own electricity system. Power is produced by solar panels and a wind generator. Under cloudy and windy weather conditions, this system is supported by a diesel generator to keep the batter sufficiently charged. Since the yield from these "renewable energy sources" is relatively small, devices with high energy consumption, such as the stove and hot water heater, operate on gas.

The hot water is generally supplied via a solar panel on the roof, and since it is a very efficient system, during the day up to 360l of hot water can be produced at 40˚ C. Since Lanzarote is the driest Canary Island, and there are no natural sources of drinking water, drinking water is a real problem. The water must be collected and recycled from the sea in the complex process of a desalination plant. Statistically tourists consume almost twice as much water as locals. So please keep in mind that water is a precious commodity here, which you ought to be more sparing with than in rain-spoiled Germany.
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