Lanzarote Farmhouse Holiday

For information call: +34 689 768 504

Holiday with dog


Lanzarote and the Finca Luna offer ideal conditions for a holiday with your dog.

The Finca Luna is situated outside the village Teseguite, so that even a short walk will get you “out in the open”. Enjoy this freedom early in the morning as you take your first walk with your dog, as well as during your last “5-minute-walk” of the evening! In addition, a walled garden invites both you and your dog to relax and unwind!


Take your loyal companion with you on holiday. Your four-legged friend will certainly want to relax with you on holiday! Many hiking trails are just waiting to be explored with your four-legged friend. Going on holiday with your pet to the island of Lanzarote is a very special experience, so do not leave your faithful companion at home.


IMPORTANT: Please always use dog-waste bags to pick up after your favourite four-legged friend, before disposing of the bags in one of the many rubbish stations. We assume that this is a matter of course for you.


The Finca Luna welcomes you and your dog. We charge no extra fee for having your dog on the holiday!


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