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Lanzarote has ideal conditions for different sports, with its mild year-round climate, and thus has acquired a decidedly sporty image. Besides the omnipresent sea, the wind plays a large role in this. Because the mountains do not rise above 670 m in altitude, the trade winds can evolve here largely unhindered, creating optimal conditions for hang-gliding and paragliding as well as windsurfing. The former mainly come in the winter half year from all over Europe, because the flyer island of Lanzarote has flying areas in close proximity in all directions, at different levels, and for different flights. The latter enjoy the high season in winter. Lanzarote is known alongside Fuerteventura as the best surfing location in the Canaries. Additionally, the underwater park Puerto del Carmen makes Lanzarote a much sought-after destination for scuba diving. To surf you only need a small, easy-to handle board, the right spot, lots of wind, and plenty of waves. And there is no reason to worry about waves on Lanzarote; the volcanic island is sometimes called the “Hawaii of Europe”.

Lanzarote is guaranteed to have ideal conditions for all water sports, all year round, thanks to its spring-like temperatures, crystal clear water, and constant trade winds. In addition to windsurfing and diving there is the possibility of kitesurfing, going kayaking, and chartering a yacht, deep sea fishing, wakeboarding, jet skiing and the currently most fashionable form of surfing: stand-up paddling.

Because of its low gradients, Lanzarote is also well-suited for racing cyclists and the increasingly popular hobby mountain biking, which makes it possible to go off the beaten track. There is a riding stable on Lanzarote, and hikers will also be spoilt for choice. Since Lanzarote is flat, it is very suitable for triathlons and marathons. There are now several popular contests of this kind. The best known is probably the Ironman Triathlon, which takes place once a year in spring.

“Young” Formula 1 talent can enjoy the two go-kart tracks on Lanzarote, and if you prefer something more peaceful, you can head to one of two golf courses to hit a few balls.

For anglers there is plenty to do in Lanzarote, because there is a huge abundance of fish in the coastal waters. With a little luck you can catch a week’s supply of fish in just a few hours – provided you know where to go. The respective municipality will issue permits.

Virtually all major hotels offer tennis courts and squash courts. Puerto del Carmen also has the “Centro Deportivo Fariones”, a large public sports club with tennis courts and squash. And there are gyms in Puerto del Carmen, Arrecife, and Costa Teguise, as well as in the big hotels.

Lanzarote_2014-klEvery year,­ more­ than­ 250,000­ Germans­ visit­ this­ north eastern Ca­na­ry ­Isla­nd, which is world-famous for its fascinating volcanic landscapes. It was classified by UNESCO as a “world­ heritage area­ of bio­sphe­res” as­ early as 1993. Its main attractions include the great ­”Fi­re ­Moun­tains”, which were ­formed­ by ­gre­at ­mag­ma ­er­upt­ions, and the underground­ caverns ­and ­tunnels­ that were formed by lava. But Lanzarote also has kilometres ­of ­black, white, and gold­ san­dy­ beaches­ that have lots to offer for water sports enthusiasts. Since tou­ris­m came to ­the island relatively ­late, ­the typical Spanish construction­s ­have been­ kept ­und­er ­control. César Man­ri­que, the island’s most fa­mou­s­ artist, ­in­flu­enced­ the ­architecture, ­until­ his­ death ­in ­an ­acci­dent­ in 1993. He designed holiday resorts closely following the tra­di­tio­nal ­construction­ methods­ of­ the­ islands.
Eber­hard Foh­rer, who lived ­on ­Lan­za­ro­te for a long time, sheds­ light ­on ­the diff­erent ­aspects of tourism­ in his­ travel­ hand­book, ­and shares ­many tips ­and ­background­ in­for­ma­tio­n.. More information about the book…

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